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There is an increasing demand by responsible motorists to be able to use a personal breathalyser to monitor their own alcohol levels before getting behind the wheel of a car and driving. While this is a good thing, motorists should be aware that the reliability of the result obtained from using any such breathalyser device relies heavily upon the quality and correct use of the device in question.

There are lots of breathalyser devices available for the consumer to purchase and careful consideration should be taken in deciding which one to buy. Prices of breathalyzers vary a great deal, as do their reliability and accuracy. However, there are some reliable, accurate and affordable devices that can be used to give a good indication of a persons BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level. You should always do your research when looking to purchase a breathalyser, your driving license could depend on it!

Home office approved breathalyser devices that the police use such as the Dräger 6810 are available for purchase to the general public by certain suppliers. However, such devices will probably be beyond the limits of the average consumers budget and no matter which device an individual purchases, a drink driving conviction will always rest on the reading a motorist provides the police.

CAUTION: Individuals using home breathalyser devices should be made aware of the fact that residual alcohol in the mouth can cause artificially high readings. So if you are sitting in a pub or restaurant and have just finished your drink, chances are that if you take a reading using a breathalyser device, that reading will be artificially high. Alternatively and even more dangerously, the reading may be artificially low if alcohol is still being absorbed into the blood stream. Individuals should always check their readings at least twice with a thirty minute interval between tests to determine if the alcohol level is rising or falling.


Industry breathalyzers

breathalyzers are being increasingly used in industry, education and healthcare as well as by police officers for law enforcement. They can be used in a variety of settings:

  • In the work place (especially where there is an element of risk to the job and safety is paramount)

  • Alcohol Awareness and Rehabilitation Programs

  • Her Majesty's Prison's

  • Universities

  • Research

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre's

  • Probation Offices

  • Halfway House

  • Medical Clinics

Alcohol has the potential to cause problems and accidents in all walks of life. Not just on the roads.

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