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New DUI/DWI Law Louisiana 2012

Louisiana state Sen. Jonathan Perry has had three of his bills signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal. The bills in question relate to Lousiana DWI laws.

One of the bills relates to illicit drugs in a persons system who commits vehicular homicide. It makes any detectable amount of illicit drugs in a persons blood a contributing factor to the offence.

Another bill addresses repeat offenders, specifically those who are convicted for a third or subsequent offense. It allows these types of repeat offenders who are enrolled in a court or probation ordered DWI program or sobriety court probation program to be issued with an ignition interlock restricted hardship driving license after not less than 45 days suspension has been served if they are in good standing with the presiding judge. The hardship driving license will give the offender sufficient driving privileges in order to maintain livlihood, the necessities of life and/or to attend chemical dependency treatment sessions or meetings. The bill also states that drivers who refuse a chemical test more than once in a 10 year period will not be able to benefit from a restricted hardship drivers license.

A final bill mandated those offenders convicted of DWI for a second time and with a high BAC of 0.20% or more will have to serve at least 45 days of the suspension period before a restricted hardship ignition interlock drivers license can be issued. Previous legislation did not require offenders with high BAC (blood alcohol content) over 0.20% to wait 45 days before they became eligible for a restricted drivers license even though legislation stated other drivers convicted of a second offence (ie drivers with BAC less than 0.20%) had to wait 45 days.

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