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New Tennessee DUI Laws 1st July 2013

Tennessee tightens DUI laws and makes Ignition Interlock Device (IID) restrictions mandatory for all DUI offenders including first time offenders. The new law is effective as of 1st July 2013.

Under previous Tennessee dui legislation, any driver whose drivers license was suspended and that was eligible for a restricted drivers license, could be issued with a drivers license restricting them to certain geographical locations they could drive to and from, there was no requirement for a functioning ignition interlock to be used.

Under the new Tennessee DUI legislation, any driver eligible for and granted a restricted drivers license may only operate a private motor vehicle that is equipped with a functioning ignition interlock device. All ignition interlock devices used must use technology capable of allowing a photo to be taken of the person providing the breath sample as well as recording the date, time and the breath test result. Geographical restrictions may also be imposed alongside the ignition interlock requirement at the Judges discretion.


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