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Mission Statement

The primary mission of DUI-USA.Drinkdriving.org is to raise public awareness about the dangers and possible consequences of drunk driving for all those involved. We aim to provide not only a source of information but an online community where people who have been affected by drunk driving, or who have a keen interest in the subject, can come, share ideas and help and support one another.

Drunk driving ruins people’s lives and we want to help ALL those that have been affected by drunk driving in any way imaginable in any way we possibly can. This not only includes innocent victims and their families, but actual drunk drivers themselves.

While we DO NOT support or condone the act of drinking alcohol and then driving, we do realise that in many drunk driving cases, the only people affected (thankfully) are the drunk drivers themselves, many of which are otherwise law abiding citizens who find themselves in a difficult and stressful situation that is completely alien to them.

DUI-USA.Drinkdriving.org does not seek to punish or alienate those people who have made an unfortunate and potentially dangerous choice by deciding to drive after consuming alcohol. Rather we aim to inform, empower, help, support and educate people in the hope they will make better decisions in the future.

If you would like more information or think you can help us with our mission in some way please contact us below.

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