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DUI - Drunk Driving
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SEarches hundreds of state, department and Government web sites

The DUI - drunk driving search engine searches multiple government and organisational web sites to bring you the most relevant, reliable and up to date results possible. Web sites indexed include each states DMV (Departments/Divisions of Motor Vehicles), DPS (Departments of Public Safety), DOT (Departments of Transportation), DOI (Departments of Insurance), State Judicial and Court Systems, plus many more. Comprehensive search for all information relating to drunk driving in the USA.

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DUI - Drunk Driving Search Engine
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Our custom search engine will help users find reliable information about drunk driving, driver licensing, auto law, auto insurance, punishmetns, penalties, procedures, policing and the criminal justice system in all 50 states of the USA. The search engine can be accessed via the search box above and on the top of every page as illustrated in fig 1 or you can use our stand alone version.

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